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2009-05-26 01:56:40 by YellowPudding

i FINALLY made a new flash. and entered in an older one that i had been procrastinating putting on a loading bar... Check out my Kirby n Snoop short and also my Illegally Downloaded flash.


2008-06-10 00:07:09 by YellowPudding

okay, so basically i havent made anything since last year... I NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING! so you can expect some animations this year, i dont know if they will have a story line seeing as latly ive been doing a lot of random animations for my lack of ability so stay focussed on one project
lol:P im hoping to make an animation to the song "An Angel Falls" by MilkMan-Dan. Hopefully he will let me enter it in a contest or two because i hope to make this a serious flash (which i have never done before so i dont know how well it will work)

random doodles

2008-02-20 03:27:19 by YellowPudding

well, i was bored so i made some doodles... enjoy :D 5/1181/violentcrazytb8.gif

random doodles


2007-10-03 01:10:58 by YellowPudding

well... i kinda scrapped the suicidal simon thing cuz flash crashed on me and i havent had the patience to redo the part that was lost... and the robot chicken thing i kinda scrapped as well cuz im lazy... lol... right now im trying to come up with an idea that ill actually end up completing. i have been doing little side projects randomly jusst so i dont get rusty... anyway, time to finish my homework...

New Projects...

2007-07-30 11:12:29 by YellowPudding

yeah, so for anyone who really cares im making a Suicidal Simon Short. Im still debating whether or not i should put it on newgrounds because its really short and... well kinda depressing... lol. Suicidal SImon is a sketch i made one day in school during like english or something cuz i was bored... i just now realized that i wanted to make an animation on him... its about 30 - 40% done. another projecti hope to do is going to be a robot chicken like flash... just random things that happen for no reason... ive even actually made a storyboard :O !!! anyway, thats all for now, i have to go to work at 9 fucking 30 in the morning.... *walks off mumbling how ridiculous working at 9:30 is*